Cong. Garrett’s ultra-conservative record (CD-5, Republican)

Let’s take a look at Cong. Scott Garrett‘s very conservative voting record on govtrack.us. Garrett is the Republican representing New Jersey Congressional District 5, who refers to himself as a moderate conservative even though his voting record places him farther to the right than most of his peers. Sign up […]

Garrett on Govtrack.us

New York Times editors endorse Booker because of his ties to Big Money

Salon.com author David Sirota shares a fact-packed criticism of the New York Time’s support of Cory Booker on the grounds that Cory’s ties with Big Money is a political asset. Sirota laments the trend in Big Media to look upon as positive, politician’s betrayal of their local constituent communities interests […]

Job Readiness in the Park – training & placement in Orange NJ

Attention Orange NJ Residents! Orange, NJ MOET (Mayors Office of Employment & Training) presents Job Readiness in the Park Interviewing Techniques Job Placement Service Educational Service Sessions begin the week of Monday July 29 and are ongoing through the summer. Metcalf Park at Valley Street and Argyle Avenue Mondays 5:30pm […]

Job readiness

Where to find help with food, rent, heat emergencies

Got a food, rent or heat emergency that you can’t handle on your own? Reaching out to the right places for help may bring you some relief. Here’s a list of where to look: Municipal (town) welfare or human services offices – many towns have some form of emergency help […]

People of conscience cannot honor destroyer of families GWB

I became aware that a local organization intends to honor the recognition of veterans by George W. Bush. I feel this is a true travesty of justice, and this is my reaction to that announcement. It is shameful and repugnant that any organization with socially conscious members would contemplate receiving […]

Free 411 service

There are actually quite a few 411 services out there but not all seem great. I found two I like though: Residential and business listings available through 1-800-INFOFAST and 1-800-DIAL-411. Search by heading, type of business and partial names of businesses. This service is not so quick, but it is […]