Alternate Route Program Open for NJ Essex County Police Academy

The Alternate Route Program allows US Citizens of ethnic minority background to take police candidate training at their own expense prior to applying for employment in the police force of their region. Please keep in mind however, that only a handful of those taking the Alternate Route Test will be offered a place in the training program, and that completion of the training does not guarantee employment as a police officer. Training costs several thousand dollars. The Essex County Police Academy has announced that it plans to include as many qualified ethnic minority candidates as possible, and registration for the qualification test is now open.

The first step in qualifying to enter the Alternate Route Program is to take the qualification test.

You must hand deliver your test registration for the test with a $75 check or money order to the Academy in Cedar Grove, NJ by Friday, 16 November 2012 at 4pm, and photo ID must be presented when you hand in your registration form. The test date is Saturday, December 1, 2012 at the academy.

Candidates must have a minimum of 60 academic credits from an accredited college or university. Veterans can satisfy the education requirement by substituting two years of full-time active duty military service, or a combination of college credits and full time active duty military service.

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