Cory’s friends get lots of Zuckerberg’s “school” money

Cory & Christie laughThe Washington Post’s Valerie Strauss highlights agreement about public education dismantling shared by Cory and Christie.

… (Booker) has been an outspoken supporter of the school reform policies of the Republican governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie, which include an expansion of charter schools, the end of teacher tenures, and the use of student standardized test scores to evaluate teachers. He has called the state’s largest teachers union a group of “bullies and thugs.”

… Booker was involved with the donation by Mark Zuckerberg of $100 million for Newark school reform, a decision the Facebook founder made after meeting Booker and becoming impressed with him.

Booker created a nonprofit organizzation called the Foundation for Newark’s Future to find matching funds for Zuckerberg’s gift and to decide who gets the money.

This October 2011 story in the Newark Star-Ledger said that records obtained by the Education Law Center in Newark showed that of the first $13 million spent out of the total $148 million donated, about a third had been been spent since September 2010 to pay political and educational consultants and contractors.

Furthermore, most of that money has gone to people and organizations that have connections to Booker, as well as to New Jersey’s acting education commissioner, Chris Cerf, according to the newspaper.

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