Alternate Route Program Open for NJ Essex County Police Academy

The Alternate Route Program allows US Citizens of ethnic minority background to take police candidate training at their own expense prior to applying for employment in the police force of their region. Please keep in mind however, that only a handful of those taking the Alternate Route Test will be […]

Alternate Route Test Application

NJ School Breakfast Report 2012

Thousands of NJ students not getting free breakfast

There is a free breakfast program that serves nutritious breakfast for New Jersey school children, but many qualified children are not getting it according to the 2nd Annual New Jersey School Breakfast Report released yesterday on 02 October. Last time I looked into this issue in the 1980s the school […]

People of conscience cannot honor destroyer of families GWB

I became aware that a local organization intends to honor the recognition of veterans by George W. Bush. I feel this is a true travesty of justice, and this is my reaction to that announcement. It is shameful and repugnant that any organization with socially conscious members would contemplate receiving […]

Frugal living – help with bills and food

If you’re a New Jersey resident in a rough patch financially, here are some helpful tips to keep your household going: Gas & Electric bills Through your designated local agency, apply for LIHEAP and Universal Service Fund. LIHEAP pays something towards your heat bills and gives you a break on […]

Education Resources

Special Needs / Special Education New Jersey Education Lawn Center publishes a special guide The Right to Special Education In New Jersey in English y en Español.

Check that email out with Snopes first!

Dear Friends, Why do more people not check out emails making claims but offering no way to verify the information, before circulating them to everyone in their address book? I always check claims of this type out with Snopes, because most of them are false. I knew the email I […]

Personkeeping resources

Identity Theft Federal Trade Commission self-help guides: what actions to take when your identity is stolen. (Click on picture of the guide you want to download a free pdf. Printed copies can be ordered too.)

Resources for low-income women and moms

First of all, I thought I’d share this search term, as it pulled up a lot of interesting and good resources: “free phone for low income women nj”. This is another list I’ll add to as I find good resources. Resources to help you eat better and be fit Nutrition […]

Free 411 service

There are actually quite a few 411 services out there but not all seem great. I found two I like though: Residential and business listings available through 1-800-INFOFAST and 1-800-DIAL-411. Search by heading, type of business and partial names of businesses. This service is not so quick, but it is […]