People of conscience cannot honor destroyer of families GWB

I became aware that a local organization intends to honor the recognition of veterans by George W. Bush. I feel this is a true travesty of justice, and this is my reaction to that announcement.

It is shameful and repugnant that any organization with socially conscious members would contemplate receiving an award or recognition from the United States traitor George W. Bush who mercilessly sent thousands of young American men to their deaths in the Middle East lacking both adequate training and adequate equipment; who effected the rape of our economy and many families’ life savings by tricking our country into entering two needless wars and funneling the vast majority of defense contracts – equaling trillions of dollars – to his Vice President’s family business, which then siphoned their vast profits into a headquarters set up in Dubai, ensuring that no part of Halliburton profits would return to the US economy in the form of taxes.

“Halliburton is under Justice Department Securities and Exchange Commission investigation over allegations of improper dealings in Iraq, Kuwait and Nigeria,” Whitley Strieber wrote March 12, 2007.

Halliburton announced on March 12, 2007, that “it would open a corporate headquarters in the United Arab Emirates city of Dubai and move its chairman and chief executive, David J. Lesar, there.” [3] “Halliburton will remain a US company subject to US laws, but Dubai has no extradition agreement with the United States, meaning that Mr. Lesar could not be compelled to return to the US to testify, stand trial or serve any sentence related to any Halliburton activities under investigation.”

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The piper Bush and Cheney created is yet being paid.

During the Afghanistan and Iraq wars, over 250,000 veterans per year were homeless and GWB determinedly cut funding for veterans’ mental and general health benefits on several occasions.

In New Jersey 10% of homes are in foreclosure (2nd highest rate in the country). The $300,000 our state received of a $2.5 billion dollar pool of funds negotiated by Attorneys General throughout the country in a mortgage fraud settlement with the country’s five largest banks, was diverted by Christie to the state’s general budget.

Those who support the odious policies of GWB and today’s GOP either lack real knowledge of this party’s attack on women, our economy, middle class and poor families in this and other countries and US veterans. Or – God forbid – may be lacking in simple, human compassion.

On The GOP war on women:

“But the attack goes well beyond abortion, into birth control, access to health care, equal pay and domestic violence.”

“Rep. Todd Akin (R-Mo.), the Senate candidate that drew criticism in August after making the inaccurate claim that the victims of “legitimate rape” can force their bodies to avoid pregnancy, also believes it’s fair for employers to pay women less than men.”

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